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Message from our Executive Director

Hello ROCS Families,

We are excited about this upcoming school year, and we truly care about your experience at Rocket Online Schools (ROCS). That's why our teachers and administrators are highly attentive and stay in close communication with you. We'll make strong effort to understand your unique needs and then take a personalized approach to meeting those needs. ROCS is a student-centered school, and serving you well is our top priority.

Attending ROCS encourages collaboration amongst our families and educators. We believe you are the most important member of our team, and we're here to help you and your student accomplish your goals. ROCS focuses on supporting and implementing the "Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC)" model which incorporates these 10 components:

  1. Physical education and physical activity.

  2. Nutrition environment and services.

  3. Health education.

  4. Social and emotional climate.

  5. Physical environment.

  6. Health services.

  7. Counseling, psychological and social services.

  8. Employee wellness.

  9. Community involvement.

  10. Family engagement.

Learn more about each of the 10 components.

To our students, we listen to your distinctive ambitions (academic, career, college, personal, etc.) and then provide you a personalized learning experience through a variety of course choices and targeted instruction to get you where you want to go.

ROCS is always ready to work with students from diverse circumstances who are seeking a flexible, safe and supportive learning community for a variety of reasons... including talent development, career explorations, and social or medical challenges,

We look forward to personalizing your learning experience for you as a student and your family!


Rhonda Trimble

Rhonda Trimble

Rhonda Trimble

Executive Director of Rocket Online Schools

Email: rhonda@rocs.org
Phone: 855-765-7627