Sponsor District:  USD 340

SPONSOR DISTRICT: Jefferson West USD 340

about rocket online schools

About ROCS

Rocket Online Schools is a fully accredited, free online public school offering students in grades K-12 the flexibility to learn from anywhere, at any time, with a curriculum exceeding state and national standards. Through a combination of certified teachers, award-winning curriculum, distinctive electives, free technology tools and creative community experiences, ROCS offers an online solution for families seeking an individualized approach to their children’s education.

Benefits of a Virtual Education

ROCS students learn in the environment and at the pace that best positions them to succeed. Designed for those who may need more flexibility, more of a challenge, or who may perform better outside of a traditional classroom, a virtual education provides students with the flexibility to follow a personal, unique path to learning. With a winning combination of structure and freedom, students can access coursework from anywhere and receive immediate feedback and results.

  • Free Tuition

  • Individualized Attention

  • Anywhere, Anytime Learning

  • Dedicated, Certified Teachers

  • Parental Engagement

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Safe Learning Environment

  • Fully-Accredited

  • Instruction by Kansas licensed and certified teachers

  • Curriculum that meets or exceeds state academic standards

  • Serves students in grades K-12 and adults

  • Credits transfer to other public school districts

  • Awards an accredited high school diploma

  • Full- and part-time options are available.

Why Choose an Approved Kansas Virtual School or Program?

  • Audited and approved annually by the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE)

Per Kansas Statute 72-3712, a virtual school or program is:

  • offered for credit;

  • uses distance learning technologies which predominately use internet-based methods to deliver instruction;

  • involves instruction that occurs asynchronously with the teacher and pupil in separate locations;

  • requires the pupil to make academic progress toward the next grade level and matriculation from kindergarten through high school graduation;

  • requires the pupil to demonstrate competence in subject matter for each class or subject in which the pupil is enrolled as part of the virtual school; and

  • requires age-appropriate pupils to complete state assessment tests. 

Our Mission

Provide a flexible and individualized education to a diverse range of students. Allowing students to work at their own pace to maximize the benefits of a world-class education.


Our Vision

Provide a flexible education with a highly valuable curriculum, our students will have the educational foundation necessary to pursue their dreams.


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A customized, high-quality virtual education benefits a diverse range of students and meets a wide range of individual and family needs. Students perform better when they receive individual attention in a nurturing learning environment. Working in a comfortable environment and at their own pace, students are positioned to achieve unique academic success.


ROCS highly encourages and supports parental involvement. Our parents have the freedom to choose when, where and how their child progresses academically. ROCS parents are paired with a state-certified educator to form a learning team. As a part of the team, you have the ability to structure your child’s daily routine, review lessons, and monitor progress at your convenience.


At ROCS, each student is paired with a licensed, certified teacher. Our certified teachers focus on individual students and an interactive learning experience. Although learning takes place outside of the traditional classroom, parents and students have full access to their teachers, including the opportunity to meet in person or virtually on a regular-basis.